Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And the freak out continues


So I'm slightly freaking out.

I did state a bunch of goals the other day that I'm working on and so far so good -- even with a kid who came down with strep and had me sequestered to the house for 2 solid days. Set back but not out of the goal game completely. Managed to clean my kitchen and bedroom (those were the two that were bumming me out the most). Got in a little run and 10 minutes of strength training.

I have been tracking at Spark People, plus have hit my personal hydration goals for four days in a row.
a little good news

So humming along and then this. awful *WW weigh-in.

Well. My 'official' WW goal weight is 150 (but my personal happy weight is 144) I've been able to pretty much maintain right around that for the better part of two years. I thought I was flirting with 147.5 or so  (thus up 3.5 / 4 pounds that I had reported) but when I went for my monthly weigh in this morning the scale snarled, 151... WHAT? The highest I've been in 2 years and 1 dangerous pound away from having to pay for attending (Lifetime members don't ever have to pay unless they are 2 pounds above goal.)

How did this happen!? Now I will say that I weighed in wearing jeans, a sweater and post an oatmeal and coffee breakfast, so perhaps (if I'm lucky) I can knock off a pound for that... but still. It's still at least 2.5 pounds more than I expected. BOO.

I've been so careful this week with everything. This seriously bummed me out - and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm not saying I'm going to be the worst eater ever, but it's my favorite holiday and I'm not planning on being the best either. I will run in the morning but, I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm still planning on indulging a bit (or a lot...) Oh for F$&* sake. It's so annoying.

By the way, and in other annoying news... (I counted the calories before you judge this decision) I have to tell you that I got stuck at work and needed to eat. I was starving and didn't have the food I usually have with me and got coerced into going to Taco Bell today. Now I've given up fast food 99% of the time -- not only am I striving for clean eating but with my gluten/dairy issues, there's usually nothing that will work for me.

So back to Taco Bell. I gave in to going with a co-worker based on this review I read by **a gluten-free blogger about the newish "Cantina Bowl." Her picture of the Cantina bowl was beautiful (I didn't expect it to be as fancy as hers, just kinda nice). If I was going to eat fast food, I thought it kinda looked OK and relatively healthy-ish. But here's my review: It was yucky, messy looking and skimpy.  It provided about a tsp. of guacamole, less than a 1/4th of a cup of beans and hardly any rice or pico de gallo.  I didn't put any dressing on it. I added steak to it and couldn't eat more than one piece of the meat because I found it so blech. But maybe that's just me. Serves me right for going to Taco Bell I guess. I used to LOVE that burrito supreme and nachos supreme in the day (you know, the day when I was 200+ pounds, cared less about 'clean' eating and had no clue of my gluten or dairy issues...) Sigh.

Anyway, a mess I still am but I'm hanging in the fight. I am freaked out about the scale but all I can do is work / try harder - I know T-day is gonna be a bit of a monkey wrench but it's just one long meal. I will have to deal. And no more Taco Bell.


*I am tracking on Spark People because I like the calorie counting program. But like to keep my membership active at WW since it's free to do so, as long as I continue to weigh-in once a month.
** I'm not bagging on that blogger. She has a great site and Taco Bell did set her up with a fancy tasting of the new item at an undisclosed locale… I wasn't expecting that but found the whole thing underwhelming and disappointing...


Unknown said...

We are so much alike:) I always feel like I relate to your posts. I use weight watchers online and still put all my calories in my fitness pal. Works for me. I actually want to join at the meetings now so I can get lifetime status, even tho I feel like its cheating or something because I only have about 5 more pounds to lose for MY goal. I think i'll call and see if thats even a possibility.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your splurges, I know I will.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I had to laugh a little because when i see people WI in jeans I'm all like that is crazy talk!! lol Remember about the stress and all that other jazz is that you may not be able to control everything else but you can control what you eat. Seems simple and I wish it was but it's a different mindset!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lisa and BWMFA --

What's so funny about the jeans, M, is that when I would see some guy come in, in jeans and work boots I'd laugh at them and think they were nuts too! Still not my wi outfit of choice (it is crazy talk!! lol) but I was on my way to work and felt like I might not get there before the end of the month… Sigh.

Daphne @ Daphne Alive said...

Great post :D

When I read that you went to taco bell, the first thing I thought of was, "I bet she's gonna regret that!" Haha

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I'm up on the scale and plan on enjoying myself today. Virtual 5k in about 15! Run with me?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason said...

Jeans, Sweater and post eating......1 lb? Try again my friend. I find jeans and a t-shirt adds nearly 2 lbs alone. Add in the just ate and probably another 0.5 lbs.

Always, always weigh yourself first thing in the morning naked and before you consume anything, even water.

Your body is dehydrated at that point and will have processed everything you had prior to going to bed

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and celebrate with your family.

Erica Gorman said...

I was wanted to say, if you are fully hydrated you are going to weigh more. But that is kinda a good thing on the hydration count but can be frustrating on the number count.