Friday, October 19, 2012

A few things: Dr. Oz, flip flops and the next race

This is gonna be kind of a hodgey-podge post of ramblings so bare with me.

The first thing on my mind is: 


I am a big Dr. Oz fan and now he further gets my vote for taking on the GMO debate. I've been striving towards a more organic lifestyle and flipping myself out by reading books like Seeds of Destruction that really delves into the GMO bio-engineered safety debate.  

This week, Dr. Oz had that books author, Jeffery Smith on to discuss the possible safety issues as well as Prop 37 - a bill that would label all foods in CA.

Yay! Dr. Oz!
Unfortunately, a baseball game pre-empted the episode but I'm hoping to catch the repeat next week… that is if he doesn't get bullied into pulling the episode. It seems that the pro-GMO folks aren't pleased with Dr. Oz (of-course they aren't), even though they were invited on the show to defend their points but declined. Apparently, they did have some folks from the 'other side' on but they are still threatening. - You can read a note that was sent to Dr. Oz from the pro GMO folks and learn more here.

No matter what - I appreciate Dr. Oz being unafraid to explore these type of edgy and controversial topics!! It's the most the main-stream media has ever dared to cover about the topic. Good for him.

Did you see the show?


What a flip flopper! Did you hear about Keith Levasseur who ran the Baltimore marathon with a time of 2:46:58 wearing flip flops!? Flip flops! Shit. 

There's so much to talk about. 

First of all. Holy speed Batman. My last half marathon was 2:30 something. In an extra 17 minutes or so he doubled me! And I had sneakers, and compression socks, and everything else I need to run. I don't think I could run a mile in flip flops. 

You can read more about Keith at Miss Zippy's, she happens to live in the same town as he and got a little insight to his challenges and training.

What kind of running sneakers do you run in?


Atlantic City, here I come.  The babysitter is booked and I'm hydrating. I am heading to Atlantic City this weekend to run my next half marathon (the last of my season). I'm excited because my husband is coming and this will be his second half - so we'll be doing it together. You can read about his first half here. 

I'm a little nervous because the last half I ran was so mentally hard. I'm hoping that my hamstring holds up, the cramps stay away and my positivity remains strong. Will have more after the race next week.

our first half together!


Michelle said...

Good luck this weekend!!

I saw MissZippy's post on the flip flops - just crazy! I can barely run across my yard in flip flops never mind 26.2 miles! LOL!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Good luck!!

I remember when Oprah had her vegan episode, she actually had a representative from a meat processing plant there after Lisa Ling went in and filmed it. It was all even reporting, no harping one way or another and it was a good episode.

GMO's are the devil and that's why they won't be on Dr. Oz!

There was a guy at Chicago running in pink Croc flip flops!

Meister, Running While Smiling said...

I loved the story about that flip-flop guy. Anybody who takes a "Why not?" approach to life gets my vote, 100%.

Have a great run this weekend: I hope you enjoy yourself every minute and every mile.

Daphne @ Daphne Alive said...

Good luck :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I thought it was going to be an anti-flip-flop post, since I hear they are so bad for our feet, and then he goes and runs 26.2 miles in them! I didn't read the story yet, but I wonder how his recovery went...

nikki said...

you and marty will be great!!! if you see the leprechaun, give him a big hello! have fun, jen the runner... xo