Monday, October 1, 2012

I could run 100 miles

With a few half marathons right around the corner I've been trying to get more miles under my belt and the mileage has added up.

I was excited to see on DailyMile that I've had this epic week of logging 30 miles!

I haven't had anything close to 30 miles since my full marathon training. Even for my Spring halves the longest weeks I reached were 24 miles or so - So I'm pretty thrilled.

In fact the whole month has been pretty epic:

24, 26, 24 and 30 mile weeks… Note the last time I came close was a 24 mile week back in January right before my February halves.

And those epic weeks all added up to one epic month for me:

109 miles!! Woo hoo. I'm so excited about this month -- and you'll notice it's nearly double the miles of most of my months since January. 

This week, I'm tapering down and will keep my miles relatively low in preparation for my half this Sunday in Long Beach, CA. 

I'm not shooting for a PR - I'm actually shooting for a conservative 2:30 or so since I'll be running another half in just a 2 weeks I don't want to over-do anything. But we'll see how I feel on race day ;-) 

Are you training for any upcoming races?


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Angela @ Fit Fun Mom said...

Congrats on your high mileage weeks! And good luck at Long Beach. I know a few people who've run that race -- two liked it very much and one got a little frustrated having to pass people by moving off the boardwalk into the sand (a good problem to have, but still ;) ). I look forward to your race report!

I'm training for the Santa Barbara International Marathon on Nov. 10, if I can beat this plantar fasciitis.

Jamie @ Running Toward Healthy said...

Wow, your Daily Mile graph is awesome! I just started a couple of months ago and I don't get a ton of mileage but maybe next year mine will look like this! I'm adding you as a friend on DM if that is OK. :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

GREAT JOB! I haven't run anywhere near that mileage. My Daily Mile account keeps track of ALL my miles from running, walking and the arc trainer/elliptical! That's the only reason why I have nice numbers! I plan on running 6 today. We'll see...

Unknown said...

Thats awesome! btw love the banner:) and your blog you are very inspiring!

Scott said...

Good job girl!! Isn't it nice to look back on what you accomplished so far.

Sara said...

Love this, Jenn! Great job! I'm not training for anything right now so I love to read about what everyone else is doing.

Love your new header too! Have a great week. :)