Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Running in Costumes and a Facebook contest

Yes, my producing partner, Angela (right) is dressed as a giant loofa...
A few months ago I wrote this post about running in costumes.

While it's still not generally for me - I can't see ever running seriously in a get-up (well I guess I could possibly do a half in a tutu if I was forced), I am actually pretty excited about trying to come up with something awesome for the Ragnar Relay in January.

I mean, that is a race I can get jazzed to dress up for. That's just part of the fun of Ragnar and I can't wait.

We have a team name and stuff but we're still keeping that relatively on the down low - but I definitely need to dream up something really cool.

In the meantime, our little documentary film is running a fun contest about running costumes -

Just head to our Facebook page and upload a picture of your favorite running costume (or a friend's) for a chance to win your very own cartoon social media picture (plus a print suitable for framing), like mine:

Do you run in costumes?

What is the most absurd costume that you've ever seen?



Jamie @ *that* mom said...

I ran the tinkerbell half marathon in Disneyland in wings and a sparkle skirt! It was so fun and so many people were in costume.

Jason said...

Love the header.

No costumes for me. I am racing and I can't imagine having anything other than shorts and a shirt on.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I can barely tolerate a homemade spark skirt! Kudos for costumes and esp if they are fast! lol

Josh said...

I don't know if you'd call it a costume per se, but I've ran in denim pants, vest, etc. for a fundraising. I actually still run in my denim vest and now denim pants. I won't lie, I like running in denim.