Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day: 10 reasons why I run

I love running. Hear me roar.
I love running and never does a day go by that I'm not grateful that I stumbled upon this activity. More than "just a little exercise" running has completely changed my life and has shaped me into the person I have become today.

So in honor of National Running Day, not only will I run but I pay homage to ten reasons why I run:

  1. Health:   My plan is to avoid diabetes, cancer, heart disease to the best of my ability. All the experts say that consistent exercise is crucial to the equation.
  2. Fitness:   For sure I love that I can eat a few more things and still maintain my goal weight!
  3. Community:  Who would've known the community of friends I would've built just because of a "little running"? HOLY COW. Some of my best friends and closest confidants have been born from this love. I've met people from all over the country and have even connected with people all over the world. AMAZING. 
  4. Happiness:  I am a happier person and suffer from a tenth of the depression I once did. It combats the stress, it helps me cope with the big and small stuff that life hands us. Thank you running.
  5. Music:  Running is my time to catch up on new and old favorite tunes - and this directly has impact on number 4 on this list!
  6. Challenge: Every day is a new challenge, whether it's hating the hills a little less, running a little further or going a little faster - running always has someplace where you can test your limits and try a little more.
  7. Victory laps: Whether you are crossing finish lines, (or meeting those personal daily challenges in #6) there is the sweet smell of victory at every mile marker! Big and small those little victories build up to lead to…
  8. Confidence: I've been an insecure person most of my life but running gave me the gift of confidence. I know that I can work hard and get there. I no longer hate every flaw in my body, rather I am thankful that my body has been able to carry me - which has given me greater...
  9. Appreciation: I appreciate the park I run through, getting to see and experience it in ways I'd never before. I appreciate a good bottle of water after a hot run, I appreciate that I'm able to run and it makes me reflect on those who aren't as fortunate - running is a daily reminder of how blessed I am.
  10. Me: Aside from the importance of "me" time (yes, running time is truly 100% mine) I am a runner. It's like the third word that defines me personally - Mother, wife, runner. It is who I am.
Other considerations: My whole world has changed - What I do for fun, what I do to make money (I'm a health blogger aside from this personal blog…) many new friends, many new journeys and even a whole new business/film project (that I'm confident will be successful). It really awes me to think that one "crazy" day in Feb. 2010, making an on-the-fly, irrational decision to sign up for a half marathon could really change your life. But it did. Thank God. I came thisclose to thinking, "ah, never mind…" and not signing up... And then where would I be today?

Happy National running day! How are you celebrating?



Michael said...

Great post! There are so many great reasons to run. Happy National Running Day!

nikki said...

happy running day, jen the runner!!! xoxoxoxox

misszippy said...

Great post and so nice to see someone find the right fit for themselves like this!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

If you and I both didn't take the leap we wouldn't be on this crazy train together! LOVE it!

Jamie said...

Heck YES YES YES! To all ten of your reasons to run. :)

Meister, Running While Smiling said...

Happy (now belated) National Running Day! I agree with all your reasons to run: I'm constantly amazed by how much confidence, joy, peace, and community running has brought me.

I celebrated by running on trails for the first time in a long time: 7.5 miles in rural Virginia, chasing down a pack of deer! Can't wait until next year.