Monday, December 6, 2010

Marathon motivators - Birds of a feather run together

Angela's enviable bling
Who knew where this running journey would take me? The friends I've made has been one of the biggest payoffs of the whole thing and I feel truly lucky to have been embraced by a community of other runners - it makes this thing so much more full filling.

Yesterday these friends victoriously ran marathons:

Jason slammed his PR in a full, Lesley raced her way to her first PR and personal victory in 26.2, Julie and Kiana ran their first full in Vegas and Angela added yet another piece of bling to her own medal collection by running the RNR Vegas half and word on the street is Marathon Maiden (another blogger I follow) had an unreal showing in Dallas by placing 2nd in her age and 8th overall for females in the full!
*Please click on the links to read their blogs and hear first hand of their amazing journies.

All those success stories definitely spurred me onto run my five miles this morning even tho I was feeling lazy and slightly scared of the cold...  All of these marathoning friends continue to inspire me and make me happy. I love my non-running friends but they don't entirely understand this passion, don't get the need for sports beans and question why I really, really want under armour instead of cashmere for Christmas. So connecting with this running community has been pretty awesome. And appropriately, it's nice to have someone to give me the kick in the ass I need when it seems cold out or I'm feeling lazy. I love the "suck it ups" or "just do its..." sometimes you just have to have someone nudge you.  PS: The cold was great once I got going.

By the way, I am not discounting my non-runner friends. Many of them are the loudest to cheer my success, the first to pat me on the back and even offer the kindest advice. I appreciate every single person who's been a friend to me in this journey. Takes a village to raise a runner - the whole village.

Anyway, in other news:

If you remember, I was pretty peeved over the scale last week at weigh in for being up 5 pounds.  Well, as suspected, the weight gain was probably some strange fluctuation because this week I was down 7.8 pounds - which is just a crazy number but I'll take it.  -84 pounds now and getting close to goal.

I got into a small fight with hubby over race fees. He has started to doing the math and between the NJ shore half and SD RNR, he's starting to get that these things add up. Money is tight. Everything is super budgeted, but the race fees are kind of a luxury necessity that I refuse to give up. In fact, if it weren't for expense I'd be running at least two more  halfs. Ah well. What can you do? I have come to realize that having big goals and races to train for is absolutely CRITICAL for my success. I would've run for 2 miles today if I wasn't training. Does fees deter you from entering more races?

My formula seems to be: BIG GOAL + ACCOUNTABILITY (blogging/friends) = keep going.


PS: iRunner wrote a cool blog about the $$ of race fees that can be found here.


Unknown said...

Okay, it's official. You've motivated me to run my first full with you. I just registered for San Diego. I hope we don't care about who's at the post run concert since we will still be running when they play. ;-)

Unknown said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited!! GOOOOO ANG!! Hope you don't mind me "lifting" your bling pic for this post ;)

Unknown said...

Hee hee. I love it!!!

I just read Jason's blog. I have to draw the line at peeing in my pants!

Unknown said...

lol, Jason is hard core, yo. He's training for the California Ironman in April.

financecupcake said...

The online running community is AWESOME and so inspiring!!! Nice job getting out there and doing five miles! My closest friend is a non-runner, and she always asks me how my running is going. She is so sweet and supportive! Haha, she's the only friend I interact with much in real life, so it's really nice. Race fees can suck. I chose my races because of where they're located and because of how much they cost. I like to race, so I try to find the cheapest ones possible. I do have two splurge races planned for 2011, but most of the others are super cheap. Having something to train for does make a difference. Haha, remind your hubs that running helps keep you sexy. ;) I'm going to read the article you linked!

Jason said...

OK, so I typed this whole thing about running races but did it on my BB and it didn't go through and I'm glad it didn't b/c now I can comment on peeing yourself....LOL!!!!

1- Yes race fees can add up but so can all the things that happen when you are not training/racing. How much does depression cost? How much does not liking what is going on in your life cost? I see it as a trade off. I could spend money on beer, but instead spend it on race sneakers (check out my new ones?)

2- I try to race once per month and make sure that it coincides with training. For example I am running a 15k in January since I will just be starting up again with my training and no reason to go all out.

3- I did pee myself. I had to b/c I had a goal in mind and nothing was going to stop me from getting there. I am competitive (OBVIOUSLY) and mostly with myself and I can be my own worst critic. So I will push myself to my limits. I did not talk about the vurp at mile 22.4 but that snickers bar gave me a 2nd round of tasting....

4- As much as I would love for California to be a full IM it is the 70.3. I am looking at 2 70.3 races in 2011 with a full in 2012. That the plan for now anyway.

Don't let the peeing yourself deter you from reading my blog, as there is some other good stuff on there. And I also thought the pee would remove the PowerBar energy gel that squirted all over my leg at mile 4. Needless to say it didn't and there was pee and gel all over my leg when I finished. Life happens, but I did it smiling.

Unknown said...

@Christine - I do sign up for a few cheapie runs here and there to keep going too - my last half was only $35 but I have to say, it felt that cheap. Hardly any water stations, no medal, but it was 13.1 and cool views of NYC skyline for most of it

@Jason -I love that you peed on yourself, personally that makes you be baddest ass mf'er I know.. lol - that's total warrior! I should ever be that dedicated... I love that not only you did it, but reported back about it. That's VERY cool.

WHA!? 70.3 isn't a full ironman? Wait - there's more? yeesh...

I agree with the race fees being worth it too. I don't order pizza (regularly) anymore, I don't buy designer clothes and my crappy car is paid for... my health and happiness is worth the entry fees.

Sara said...

My husband and I have similar arguments over race fees. Money is tight here also, but I am like you - running, actually, RACING has become a necessity for me to get healthy and reach my goals, and that has been very hard for him to understand. I know exactly how you feel. Running is my happy - I see it as my necessity now! Race fees have deterred me from entering some races - mostly smaller ones that I would have done for "fun." Right now I am struggling to save up for my full, which I need to register for ASAP!!!! (I think I already missed the reduced early registration fee) that might be an argument over expense SINCE it is a full marathon and it is in Pittsburgh (travel expenses), but it is what I have to do. For me, the result/payoff is worth the price, and I know my husband means well and is looking out for us, but he doesn't run and it is SO hard to explain!!!!

reluctantmomma said...

Jason - I have CRAZY levels of respect for peeing whilst running - I have considered it myself but opted not to indulge (in my case, however, I was only running 4 miles around my neighboor...)

I think you all Rock!! Jen - you were on my mind while I was running my 10K this weekend - You are really inspirational!!

I agree 100% about the support of the running community. Different breed of cat:)

and the race fees....PLEASE - health happiness and personal goals are PRICELESS - and def. cheaper than the alternatives:)

Anonymous said...

Race fees vs. medical bills. But the reality is that you don't have to RACE to be healthy, just exercise... I just happen to find races uber-motivating.

I have pee'd myself more times than I can count during races... but for some reason during halves. I didn't need to go at all during the full. Usually happens when I overhydrate beforehand.

Get those miles, girl... you'll get your goal!

financecupcake said...

Wow, I've never considered where my money would be going if not toward running and racing. Great points, people!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! :) means a lot to me and I appreciate them. Sara - seems like we are in the same boat, Erin, thanks for thinking of me during the 10k - it's cool how we've all "found" each other in this running world and Leslie - look at you all going hardcore in your races... ;) very impressive.