Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Run Friday report - 12 miles and lots of smiles

Eh, I'm tired. Kind of fits this post - no?
12 miles and I'm happy to report, I'm still standing, well kind of, I've actually decided to throw on some flannel pj's and write from the comfort of bed.  I will probably remain here until about 20 mins before my hubby comes home from work, at which time, I will power clean everything up, throw food on the stove and act as if long run day hadn't completely rendered me useless.

Oh well. That's how it goes. I look forward to the day where 12 miles is just my "usual" morning run but for me, it's still pretty hard core. In fact. it's very hard core. It's the first time I've ever actually run for 12 miles straight. The goal of my last two 1/2 marathons was to finish. So I pretty much ran/walked/crawled those 13.1 miles... there was no inkling that I'd ever run for 13 miles straight... I mean who does that? Well, I do. Now. :D

Anyhoo. It was cold today. Like really cold. But it wasn't awful because there wasn't any wind (THANK YOU LORD!) I'll take the cold over the wind any day. A few thing of note on the cold. It made me have to pee. While I was thinking of my hardcore athlete buddies Jason and Leslie - I thought it wouldn't be a good move on my part at only mile 2...  frozen pee? Likely to be gross and uncomfortable - I'll pass. But LOVING my park, I knew around 3 miles in there were some porta potties - and lucky me, they were open. So I took my first potty break in the middle of a run. Pretty uneventful.

Back to the road. So now, the biggest problem with the cold is how frozen the segment of my legs from my knees - up got. I mean, numb frozen. I had compression socks to my knees so calves were good - I had 40 layers on top - so good there but my knees to butt was a block of ice that made it feel like I was running with 50 pounds of ice cream taped around my legs.  I wonder if fat freezes quicker than muscle? If I could've shed that part of my body, I would've.

So my fat strong thighs never thawed out or warmed up. That made things challenging. I'm pretty sure you could've shot me in the ass with an arrow and I wouldn't have felt it. But what I did start to feel was my lower back ache around mile 9 (reminding me to work on my posture) and around mile 7 my achilles tendon (or something in that area) started to really bother me. The whole time I tried to keep myself "slow and steady" Long run day isn't about speed for me, it's about endurance for the miles... "slow and steady" I just wanted to finish strong. And I did. I did it in 2:22 - an 11:53 pace - not too bad. I'm happy with that.

And I finally ran out of park. The park I run in is great because it feels like it goes on forever. Well it doesn't go on forever, finally, I've learned - at mile 5.5 the park is over - so I had to run around a quaint, unfamiliar NJ town for a mile or so before heading back.

When I got home, I peeled off my shoes to find my toes a bloody mess (I didn't mean that in the cute "British" way - they were literally bloody. I have issues with toes rubbing and what not. Awesome.) So with bloody toes, aches and pains and frozen thighs I raise my arms in victory.  No one ever said that being an athlete was easy... ;)


NOTE TO SANTA: PLEASE BRING THE UNDER ARMOUR winter pants on my list. Thank you. And the shirt too. I'm sorry for using the word "ass" in this blog - aside from that, I've been a pretty good girl.

PS: If you are interested - this was a very exhaustive article about the Biggest Loser marathon from Runners World. It was an interesting read and since we were talking about it the other day, thought I'd share.


Caroline said...

congrats on your run! great job!! thanks for the link, I will check it out!

Jason said...

Awesome Awesome job. Long run day is exactly that. Long run. Other days are for speed work, and trust me your long run days will get faster whether you like it or not....enjoy it.

Back aches are going to be from a weak core. I get them, Karen gets them, anybody who has a slightly weak core will get it. One way to alleviate that is to do Superman on the ground.

Lay flat down and put one arm out while the other is on the ground. 10s, then switch arms, then switch arms, then switch arms. Then put both arms out and legs out and hold...10s, do it again. This will strenthen your back and your core.

I have been doing Bridges Over Kenya which you can find in my interview with Kristin White. It's bada** and I haven't gotten to the toll booth yet but it works. My core is much stronger today than it was weeks ago.

Great job on the run....KEEP IT UP BUTTERCUP!

financecupcake said...

Nice job!!! Don't you feel pretty darn pleased with yourself? You should! That's a bummer about the toes. What exactly is the issue?

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone - @Jason, yepper, I have a weak core, I remember reading that interview and thinking - I've gotta start doing those... have to actually do it.

I do feel pretty darned pleased (and sore) but more pleased and not as sore as I used to get on long run days. My toes just rub together and it seems to actually cause enough friction to bleed after a long time... I do have toe socks that help.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the toes??? You know you can use body glide on your toes if you need... or vaseline... whatever you have. Gotta stop having that issue. :-( Are your shoes big enough? I wear mine a full size bigger than my normal shoes.

As for hardcore and pee'ing... NEVER during a training run... I always stop if I'm just training. Hardcore is for racing. ;-)

Unknown said...

I don't know - usually happens on really long runs I will try the glide or go back to the toe socks and by the compression sleeve things for my legs. So annoying. The good news is that because of other parts of the body hurting more and /or being frozen, I don't realize my feet hurt until much later.

PS: LOL. :)

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

good job! I can't even run 12 miles straight! the most is 11 miles. =)

reluctantmomma said...

YAY for you!!! That is AWESOME!!! You are a warrior!!! I am going for 8.5 tomorrow - little nervous but feeling inspired by your 12 miles!! YOU ROCK!!!

Unknown said...

ty guys :)