Tuesday, December 21, 2010


OK, so I'm a few days late to the party, but I have to talk about The Kona 2010 Ironman competition.

I finally caught this in 50 parts or so on Youtube and talk about inspirational. Wow. The stories, the drive, the competition. I haven't even pulled off a long run of more than 13 miles but somewhere deep inside, I got that nagging - "I wanna try that someday..." feeling.  Why would I have that feeling? I haven't been on a bike since I'm ten and I haven't really swam a lap in a very long time. Though, anything is possible. I never ran for a minute in my life before last February and if a year ago today you told me that I would be a running loving fool training for a marathon, I would've told you that you were insane in the membrane, insane in the brain.

But here I am. I'm 38 maybe I'll try for a tri for my 40th birthday and see how that goes... I have some time. ;)

Anyhoo - if you missed the Ironman - you can find it on youtube. It's pretty awesome.

It's totally  heartbreaking to see the guys who don't make cutoff in time, I can only imagine how crushed I would feel in their shoes for that to happen.

Anybody know of any Ironman training blogs to follow that I might be missing? Now I'm really piqued.




Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

I was crying last night watching this. They have them in just 10 parts also on youtube. Can't wait to get my bike next week. I'm so inspired! Kona is my endgame. After that, I can retire haha!

Jason said...

There are tons of them. Take a look at my blog list but here are a few:

Kristin White

I will just email you.

And for your knowledge I almost lost my lunch today during my track workout. Yes it was that hard and yes it is about 80 degrees here in Texas today.

I feel we are close that I can share that with you. I mean you already know about me peeing myself at the marathon so what's a little almost puke.

Unknown said...

Nice Julie - thanks to you I found it on youtube from your fb posting this morning...

Thanks, Jason - you're the bestest! I'm going to check these blogs out. And congrats for the hard workout today - I love the "athletic" tmi's... ;)

Anonymous said...

wayyyyyyyyyy intense. i don't think i'd be able to find the time to do a sprint tri! i am in awe of these athletes!

Unknown said...

LOL - Ang... I know, I told Marty that I would have to win the lottery to ever go for something like this...

MM - I bet you'd be great with your badass self.

It was inspiring to watch... one of the women who complete was 66 years old! I still have plenty of time to IM. ;)

Molly said...

I think if you have that "feeling" you'll probabaly do it : )

Unknown said...

It's bad Molly - lol I wouldn't even say that out loud because I think my hubby will die if I become any more obsessed with training... oooh but there's a small little seed of want deep inside...