Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 Reasons I'm happy I run

Running, which was kind of a strange challenge I gave myself, early on - has gradually gone from something I dreamt impossible, to something I was struggling through and now to something I actually have found a passion for.

Explaining how you could love running to a non-runner is nearly impossible. I can't say I wasn't once in those "non-runner" shoes of disbelief over how one could love this... it's taken time, remember this entry?

Anyway, rather than 'splaining anything, I thought I'd do a good ol' fashioned, "top ten" list of reasons running makes me happy:

10. Sweat. You burn more calories in less time. Twenty minutes of running kicks twenty minutes of walking's ass when it comes to getting your burn on.

9.  iPod time. I get time to listen to good music. When I'm in the car, I'm usually with my 3 year old - which means endless songs from the Wiggles or some other hideous kiddie CD. When I'm running it's just me and Madonna, Cher, Eminem, Pink and whomever else is referred to as only one name that I choose.

8.  Weight loss - hello smaller clothes, good bye fat pants. Seriously.  Last year I lost 7 pounds all year, since beginning to run in February I've lost 22 pounds. Thank you #10 and #9 on the list for your support.

7.  Stuff. Races = cool crap. I've gotten everything from medals, to hats, to t-shirts and even free vitamins - an elliptical machine has never given me a damn thing.

6.  Runners High. Running, still better than meds. Seriously, more bad moods and cranky feelings have been broken by running than anything else. I used to reach for a cigarette, alcohol or food (OK, sometimes I still reach for the occasional martini) but running has definitely helped me sort out more than one crabby moment or two.

5.  Health. Oh yeah - I'm healthier. Well who the hell woulda thunk it? Eat better and exercise = excellent blood pressure, low blood sugar and good cholesterol. I'll be damned. Next they'll tell me it'll help me prevent stroke, heart attack, cancer and improve my sex life. What!? It does? What am I waiting for? Better get something sexy to wear - wake my non-running hubby up!

4.  Swagger. That's right. I walk taller, feel more positive, even feel like there's a little more confidence to my step. I've run 13 miles... twice... biatch - I can do anything.

3.  Other cool stuff - remember how excited I was when I got these socks? Or these new sneakers? I can't wait for my Nike + to hit Jersey (scheduled for tomorrow). Buying fun running stuff is always motivating.

2.  Blogging. I have loved this blog, it's really made me figure out a lot of stuff, like working out of your comfort zone probably won't kill you and that eating a greasy cheeseburger the night before a marathon could be a bad idea. Running and this blog has gone hand and hand - if I wasn't running I'd have nothing to say. Kind of. I would say something - perhaps it would be far less motivational and far more cynical...

Me and Ang - Jersey Shore May 2010
1.  Friends. Perhaps one of the best reasons for all of this is the love and support I've found from new friends, fellow bloggers, family members and old friends. There's Nicole C. who has become truly one of my best friends when it comes to running & life stuff (she may be more excited about my NIKE + than  I!) - Nicole R. My long lost cousin who has reconnected with me thru this, Frannie who ran along side me (until she left me in her dust the last few miles! ;) of my second half, Leslie & Julie - fellow running bloggers and finally - Angela Lee - my biz partner and friend who's taught me sooooo much about running, life and everything in between. She showed me what friendship meant when she flew across the country to run with me on my first race, slowing her pace the whole way to be hip to hip and crossing the finish line together. They say running is a solitary sport? I beg to differ... it's taken a village to raise this runner.


PS: Karen, Sara, and everyone else who's followed this journey - thank you xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

That last line is priceless!!! Absolutely... it's not solitary at all. It's also brought me closer to people I already kind of "knew" but now know on a whole different level. What a great journey. #7 made me giggle - it's so true though... you know we love the stuff. But you're right, it's quite the transition from "have to do" (to get healthy) to "want to do".

Unknown said...

You dusted me on our last run! Woo Hoo! Go Jen!

Unknown said...

Yes it is Lesley - not sure when it happened but I'm glad to be in the "want to do" club now - and you're right, running has also brought me closer to many I already kind of knew.

Ang - thanks, thank you for everything - I should've put in this blog how it was also seeing you run in a few 1/2 marathon's that was the prime motivator to begin with!!

Nicole said...

I love that I'm getting to know u & watch you grow simultaneously. Besides our mutual love of quotations, we have much in common.

Thank YOU for your humor,honesty,& inspiration. My mantra used to be I will not run unless chasing a ball or for my life. Now I look forward to the challenge of increasing my time, speed, & oh yes the high!

Keep it up ;)

Unknown said...

XO, Nikki! I'm so excited about your running journey!! I lol'ed @ our "mutual love for quotes..." :)

Nicole said...

haha!! Passion for quotations & vodka is the foundation of all relationships right?? Now we have running too :)

Unknown said...

hahaha xoxo

The Skårtist said...

thanks to you too for bringing us on your ride er I mean runs... Keep running and keep blogging! Also love the list. A big fan of the good old top 10ers.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sara xo