Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Congrats Angela! And it's "only" 4 miles - 3 times

YAY to Angela Lee the "prime mover" if you will for my deciding to try to run a 1/2 marathon in the first place. She's added yet another medal to her belt and here's the very cute, 5th Anniversary edition of the Disney medal she earned for running the Disney half this past weekend:

So I have a few short weeks to get into enough running shape (well at this point; run/walk/jog/crawl) shape to do my upcoming half. I did four miles today, which wasn't awful (I think I could've done 5 if I had more time and motivation) but still not easy. But I did it and I keep thinking, I just have to do those four miles 3 times and I'll cross the finish line.

My goal for Friday is to get up early and do a long run of 6 miles. I think if I can get 6 in on Friday and a long run of 8 next week, I should be OK.  I think.



Unknown said...

Thanks Jen!!! XOXOXO

Your blog has motivated me so we're even. Your plan sounds perfect and I know you'll be fine. I also predict that it will motivate you to get back to it. The Disney run sure did me! I was 13 minutes slower than the last time I ran it and 30 minutes off my best half. Now I'm determined to get back into tip top running shape. I'm going to win my age group someday! Probably not until I'm 70 (considering all the 60 yr old women beat me last weekend). I say You Go Girls! to all of them.

Unknown said...

LOL - I love it! You're the best Ang - you'll definitely take your age, and maybe sooner than you think :)