Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 is Off to a Good Start!

Happy New Year all!

First, some exciting news! Our documentary film, From Fat to Finish Line, made this "10 Things to Watch on Netflix on New Year's Day" list. That was very exciting :) 

After sleeping in a little this morning I got up and decided to make spinach pie. I find it to be pretty tasty and it's only 1SP per serving on the new Freestyle Weight Watcher's program. If you want to check out the recipe you can find it here. It's pretty simple and tasty with a cup of soup, as a quick snack, a side dish or even for breakfast.

My very green meatless 1SP lunch -
That's the Split Pea Soup I made yesterday.
After lunch I finally decided to get myself to the gym. My goal was to do at least 30 minutes of walk/run on treadmill - I managed 4 miles and a little over an hour. It felt great! 

I also took all of my measurements and made some short-term goals for myself:

Nutrition: I want to be as on point as possible with WW - my aim is 25 'blue dots.' For those of you not on Weight Watchers, the app gives you this blue dot when you're tracking and within your point range for the day. Looks like this: 

Fitness:  I'm aiming for 16 workouts or runs this month. With a combination of cross fit (or strength training) or running. Now I want to do more than this but this is a good goal. 

Personal: My goal is to blog 3-4 times a week if not daily for my own personal accountability and blogging really does help me to keep on track. 

Have you made any goals for the new year? How's your 2018 so far? 


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