Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Does Running Make You Fat? Information Overload

Foiled again.

So I lose all that weight, I give up lots of favorite foods along the way, make all these (what I think are) positive changes and then I get smacked in the face with this annoying article:

Now I would've just chuckled this off if it hadn't been for the battling of the bulge I've been dealing with lately, despite my kicking up the mileage, so I decide to click and read the article.


So the article says that not only will running make you fat but can kill you too. Terrific. I thought that mayonnaise was going to make me fat and kill me but apparently if you follow a paleo or Whole30 diet, mayo is your friend and now according to 'research' running the enemy.

My head is about to explode.

Somedays I miss the simple old days. I know some of the rules were wrong but for the most part everyone was on the same page. Eat less calories (even if it meant using a sweet and low or some other fraken food) and the more cardio the better. So simple. Not so much to wrap your head around. Not so much information to digest. It's just too much now-a-days. 

My addiction to reading health articles on line is ruining my life.

Here's just a few of the million thoughts I've had recently:

I want to eat more broccoli, but crap I didn't buy organic so the toxins will keep me fat.
I thought I would try agave but then I learned from 2 out of 4 sources that it's no better than sugar.
I tried Whole30 because that camp says it's great and I have a few friends who've benefitted - it was  just OK for me but maybe I need to try again but what about all that fat?
Oh, maybe I should go plant-based because...
Should I just go back to Weight Watchers and point counting? Or maybe stick to the Simply Filling plan?
Then there's Isagenix - nah don't think I could do that and give up coffee
But research says coffee is good for you!
But this research says coffee is bad... 
Ugh. Maybe I should switch to green tea - Yes! I'll have some green tea. Oh, but this isn't organic green tea. Wonder if it's OK? 
I want to do strength training because muscle eats fat (or something like that.) 
Oh I have to do core and hip strengthening because then my running will get better but...
I shouldn't run because it's going to back fire - and make me fat.

So there's the madness... It's just not simple.

For now I'm going to keep drinking coffee, loosely follow Weight Watchers, skip the mayo and keep the running because I'm happy there. Yeah, I'll add some strength training too. The broccoli may or may not be organic depending on my budget and the week. 

Does your head want to explode with all the 'research' too? 



Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You forgot to mention that what worked for us 5 years ago may not work for us now because we're pre-menopausal!! Do what feels like the least work while still enjoying life. It has to be better than laying on the couch with the Oreo crumbs on my chest!!

Starr said...

I always gain weight when I've been hitting cardio hard. It's best for me to do light strength training, light cardio, and watch my diet like a hawk, especially carbs. It sucks, honestly. I used to be able to make a few little easy changes to my diet and lose 20 lb. Not anymore!

Bethany said...

For me there is no magic cure. Move more and eat less. Pretty simple. I don't follow fad diets, although I think Weight Watchers is great for many people.

And it is harder as you get older. Good luck.

Anna Down Under said...

Of course I find your post after having just run an hour for the first time, which was over 7k and I felt amazing. LOL I see conflicting studies all the time. All I can do is read and learn and take on board what feels right for me, leaving the rest behind. I think that's all any of us can do. Right now running is making me feel amazing, and that's reason enough to continue. I have less than 20 pounds to reach goal and I hope running and IF will get me there.

stacy said...

I have similar thoughts all the time! As a former Points counter (still WW member, but for the accountability and the meetings) and now a Paleo-ish eater who is struggling to get back to goal, I can totally relate. I got through spells of reading all kinds of diet/health articles, to avoiding them when I start feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting information. There is no right or wrong, and what works great for one person will not work for me (then I start questioning what is wrong with me...).

So happy to learn I am not alone in this! :-)

Richard Phillips said...

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dupster said...

Just found your blog through your comment on the From Fat to Finish Line post. Very interesting.
I too sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about weight loss/maintenance. I guess the most important point to keep in mind is that we each have to find what works for us, because we are all so different.

Unknown said...

Thanks all - it just all gets me nuts sometimes!! lol but will keep on keeping on.


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