Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why the little things matter

So March was an interesting month of highs and lows.

High - I got to go to Kentucky to help produce a  new pilot my production company is doing for DIY network. This is a big deal and we are very excited about a project that is turning out great!

Lows - being out of my fitness/nutrition routine. (And of-course dealing with being away from my family, especially my five year old, Ben.)

birth place of Abe Lincoln? Who knew?
I was just getting into a groove of my training for my next half marathon. I was perfectly following my training program and feeling good - and then poof. Just like that. I'm all out of whack.

With very long days and no real place to run I was forced to put my running sneakers in a corner. They came out 3 times in two weeks for small little runs but those little runs mattered. My nutrition was challenged but I found ways to have a few decent meals. And it mattered.

The little things matter.

The old me would've never bothered to do anything. I'm away after all. But striving to steal the time when I could run was important to me, even if it wasn't as often or as far as I would've liked.

The other little thing I made a priority was getting in the 30 day March "Hot In Your Tank Top Challenge" that I signed up for on Facebook. It was 10 - 15 mins. of strength training a day and there were many days that I wanted to blow it off. But it was only 3 reps of about 5 exercises and I wanted to not just give up. I wasn't eating on point and I was barely running. I needed something to keep me grounded and connected to health and this was it.

Each day I gave myself a little star for doing the workout and yesterday, the last day of the challenge was no exception! :)

Even on the days I dreaded it, I always felt great after I did it. I didn't eat my greatest (but it could've been worse.) I still expected a tremendous weight gain upon getting home though because that's how my brain works. Luckily I'm only up about a pound so it's fine. But I do think it's some of the little things I did. - the little runs, the daily strength exercises and burpees, the days I chose a rice cake and peanut butter snack with a fruit instead of a bag of chips (though the chips won a time or two.)

These little things all added up to me being able to easily begin to slip back into routine and still feel OK with myself rather than feeling like "I blew it" and have to start all over again. I made a few mistakes but I think I learned a few things and next time I'll be a little more prepared for a similar type of trip.

What are some of the little things you do that matter?

By the way in case you're interested in the April challenge (which I'm doing) It's called the "Gorgeous Gams and Bangin' Booty challenge"and you can find it here. And here is her blog that actually demonstrates the moves!



Julie said...

Hey! New follower here! Congrats on keeping somewhat of a routine when you're on the road! I'm going to look into the April challenge, maybe a daily routine is just what I need! Thanks for the post! :)

Brenna said...

Love that you stuck with it even with all the craziness!! That is always a challenge. I am going to join the April challenge!! Thanks for sharing!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You did what you could handle at the time and that's what kept you on track. You didn't have unrealistic expectations, like when we all wanted to lose 50 pounds in a month. Glad you're feeling good about your trip and that you're back home!!

Z@KickingKilos said...

have missed you around Jen!
Much love and happy that your trip went well.

Scott said...

Great Post! Way to handle your time gone. Can't believe you didn't eat any pickled rope bologna in Kentucky must have a will of steel