Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rev 3 Maine OLY race report: The Run

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So we manage to make it back from the bike and onto the run! I am flying high and in a great mood. I am not dreading 6 miles, instead I'm feeling like I just tackled 26 miles of biking and swimming - the two things that gave me the most fear - and now all that stands between me and the finish line is 6 miles... And six miles that I could walk, skip, run or jump if I wanted to. No time limit and the goal here was to finish. No pressure.

I could've actually run most of the 6 miles. Scott and Angela's least favorite part of tri is the run and it was heating up out there. So we did a combo of walking/jogging/running/walking. It was beautiful out there. 

I am used to music on the run so while we were running we definitely had a few sing-a-longs. At around mile 2 Scott and I had a Violent Femme moment and sang "Blister in the Sun" and a big Wisconsin fan Scott definitely busted out the Badger school song once or twice. I think there was also a little of "Walking on Sunshine," "I've Got a Feeling (that tonight's gonna be a good night)" and "Beautiful Day U2" out there. We only sang when we ran. We had a blast. 

I know, perhaps some of your hard-core triathletes are thinking we shouldn't be 'having a blast' and singing on the run... this is a serious sport!  Well. Yeah. But whatever. Yes. You're right - moving forward, this will probably be the last time that my triathlon experience is a group sport or a fun Sunday morning run after a swim and pretty bike ride - but for my under-trained attempt at my first OLY this was just what I needed! I smiled the whole time and had the time of my life! It made me want to do it again.

As we rounded the finishers chute and ran towards the finish line, I heard my name called saw the end and happy, gratitude tears filled my eyes. 

Not only did I not drown, crash or trip - but I had a great day with wonderful friends by my side. Lucky, lucky girl am I.

I went into this triathlon feeling down. I am up in weight, under-trained and thought the whole Tri thing was going to be over for me - I was planning on giving the bike(s) back, donating my wet suit and sticking to my running sneakers. But I found a love for it, that day. I get it. And instead of giving up triathlon, I have (in the two weeks since the race) - bought a beautiful new (refurbished) road bike and signed up to do Palm Springs OLY in Decemeber. I've even started to train (for real this time.)

My new road bike!

Yep, still no clip-less pedals on my bike. Ha. Baby steps.

Hope all is well with you. What finish lines are you reaching for? Before Palm Springs I do have a ten mile race in October called The Perfect 10.



Kayse said...

Great Job! An Olympic triathlon is an amazing feet no matter what time you finish in. I am a runner who fell in love with triathlons, and while I am not out there winning any awards, I am still really enjoying the experience. Cant wait to hear about your next race!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kayse!

Jenn said...

Great race report! You showed a lot of guts in finishing the race - way to go! Looking forward to reading about your training for Palm Springs

Unknown said...

Thanks Jenn!