Monday, February 10, 2014

New bike for triathlon and other stuff

So while my working out has been woeful of late I'm trying to make up for that by signing up for races and buying shit.

I'm hoping that buying the right stuff and gearing will set my training up for the best Tri and race season ever :)

Exciting Tri stuff/news #1 - I've signed up for another race

It's REV3 Maine the Olympic distance which is 0.9 swim / 25 mile bike and 6.2 run. It will be my first OLY distance and I'm really excited to make Maine the one. I've spectated this event twice in a row - both times I was there filming the From Fat To Finish Line documentary. Finally I'll not be just watching or holding a camera - I will be crossing the finish line! 

At Maine finish line - I'm the one dead center with the camera filming my friend Jen
Next year I'll be on the other side! 

Cool Tri Stuff thing #2 - A shiny new road bike!!

hello my pretty! 
OK, it's not exactly new or shiny but she's a beauty. She's a road bike that belonged to my Mom in Motion coach Dana and she's lent her out no less than 3 or 4 times during the course of the last few years. So new "Tri-ers" before me have ridden her to victory and the baton has been handed to me. She's in need of a tune-up and a fitting for me but I'm excited to be making the move from a hybrid to a road bike this season!

And before you get too excited over those cages...

Cool Tri Stuff #3 - pedals and shoes 

Link to product in case you're interested

If ya gonna do it, ya gotta do it right so I invested in these shoes and pedals. Both together cost $75 new off Amazon. The reviews were pretty good for such an inexpensive set and it seemed like a decent deal for a beginner clip person like me. The idea of adhering myself to the bike kind of freaks me out but I'll practice on the trainer and some grass until I get comfortable with them.  

Oh. Did I mention trainer?

Cool Tri Stuff #4 - bike trainer

Well, triathlons get pricey but it is what it is. Found this trainer usually priced well over $300 for less than a third of the original cost on Craigslist. The lady said she really only used it once and it looked pretty brand new and immaculate. I recently joined the RTA (Ridgewood Tri Athlete) and they have a few classes a week on bikes and trainers. I'm looking forward to participating in those so felt this was a good investment.

Next on my list of tri stuff to do is to visit the bike shop sometime this week. I need to tune up and fit my bike before I'm ready to roll. 

Yesterday I ran 4 miles and I rode a measly 15 minutes on a bike at the gym the other night. This week I plan on returning to some kind of training. I have a half marathon in April and I might try to find a sprint tri in May or June.

Hope your winter is going well!!

Get any new gear lately?



Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Atlantic City half?

Unknown said...

I'm doing the Long Branch half in late April (also down the Jersey Shore but not as far as AC)

Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

Wow that is so exciting! So many good bike things! You're gonna do great Jen!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jen, you'll smash it :)