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Ragnar Relay race review: The Finish Line

Ragnar Relay race review - THE FINISH LINE

If you want to read the saga that was Ragnar for me (the good, the bad/ugly and the great) then -

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I am sorry for the fifty part series here but it was so epic and so much going on that in order to really document the journey, I saw no other way then to break it down in five parts. If you've read all of them, thank you for indulging me.

So after I redeemed myself with my last leg run - it was still up to the rest of the team to finish their legs.  I was excited and ready for the finish line. This was it!

We rooted and cheered off  Linda, Jen, Allison, Carly on their runs. And finally it was John's turn. John donned his "Captain Awesome" cape and headed off. We were now so close to the finish line we could taste it!

Van one, had finished a few hours earlier so got to mill around town, perhaps grab a cocktail and finish up Today Show Interviews. Lucky ducks! We couldn't wait to reunite with the rest of the team. As John made his final run, we headed to the finish line area. It was a madhouse down there but the expert navigation of Allison and Jen up front had us finding a parking spot a half a block from the finish line and right if front of Van 1!

We excitedly piled out of the van and quickly found the rest of our team. Kerry Sanders from the Today Show was hanging out as was camera men and the producer from Today show. Too cool! Our own documentary crew was there too and all of it made us feel like a lucky bunch. It occurred to me that I'd be able to relive this special moment again! So awesome.

I chatted with van 1 and especially thanked Katie for being there for me that morning in my hour of despair. It was so great to talk to van 1 and the biggest bummer of the whole thing (even bigger than my 3 am running debacle) was the fact that we didn't get to all do it together.  I wanted to hang out with van 1 so much more but that's not how the race is set up. Everyone was kind of bummed by the fact that we missed out on getting to know the other vans. We all joked that next time we're renting a big 'ol bus so we can all stick together the whole time :-)

Soon enough, we saw John and his awesome cape trailing behind and we all joined hands and bolted triumphantly for the finish line! We did it. We were team "From Fat To Finish Line" and we did it! We overcame heat, set-backs and tummy troubles - we did it. What an awesome moment. It was exhilarating, special and just absolutely joyful. It was a moment to relish forever.

We hugged, shed a few tears and then our Captain, Rik, presented each of the teammates with our medals. It was great.

We then milled about. Jen and I called it a night because we were famished and exhausted.

The one thing I do regret is not hanging out an extra day. Most of the team stayed in Key West for a few days and I left early-ish the next day. It would've been an awesome way to hang out with everyone  and I could've used a day of non-running, cocktails and food, fun. Oh well. I won't make that mistake next time. (And yes. There will be a next time.)

I did at least get a delicious breakfast in before departing (and it was the best damn breakfast I ever had.)

Best breakfast ever

This was one of the highlights of my life and I'm so thankful and blessed to have made friends with all of these wonderful people. I'm soooo lucky that Katie thought of me to include me on the team to begin with. And I'm thankful that despite not knowing how I'd afford it, and everything else, I just took the leap and said yes.


PS: If you didn't get to see Today Show about the team - here's the link to the piece


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I can't wait to see the movie! I'm so proud of how hard you worked for this. Congrats!!

suzy, said...

This is so COOL!!

Amy Z said...

Awesome re-cap! Thanks for all the details. Congrats!

Hollie said...

Love reading the recap. Thanks for all the details. I hope one day to be where you are!

Z@KickingKilos said...

:) thankyou for sharing this with all of us! I read all the parts and it felt as if I was there with you.
Congrats on the accomplishment!
Waiting for your film eagerly!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

So sad it's over, but eagerly looking forward to what's on the horizon!

Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

I read the whole recap as you posted this past week. And loved every minute. I think it's so cool how you all came together and did this. :)

Katie Foster said...

I'm SO glad that you were able to join this team--without you, there would be no documentary to relive the moment! I really do wish we could have all been in one big van or bus, though.

Colleen said...

great recaps and great job! Cant wait for the video!

Lealah said...

I'm so glad I got the time I had with you, Jen, but I think we all share the sentiment that we wish we could have spent more time with the opposite van's occupants! And I SOOOOOO wish you had stayed a couple days, you are such a special(and hilarious) person and would have definitely added some extra punch to the group!