Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ladies Night: Instead SoftCup review

This is a post only for the girls (guys feel free to read if you must but I'm warning you - it's gonna get girly and not in a good "pillow fight" kinda way… more like a "I've got cramps and pass the chocolate ice cream" kinda way… yeah. That. Thanks for swinging by.)

So back to our "Ladies Night" discussion.

Recently I was invited to give Instead SoftCup a whirl.

What exactly is SoftCup?

Well it looks like this:

And it's made for our 'favorite' time of the month. 

I know. It looks strange. I was a bit apprehensive at first but I followed the directions and gave it a shot.

The first time I tried it, it was a little tricky getting the thing in but I did it.

By the second time, I felt like a pro. And I have to tell you, I loved it. Once in, I never felt it. It was able to hold up for my heavy flow and it didn't leak while I slept in it overnight.

It also held up while I ran and that's always a concern for me. Especially on long runs and, uh, my "heavy" days. 

The pros:
Easy to use
Can be worn up to 12 hours - yippee!
They say it can be worn during sex (I didn't try this but that's only because I'm married for 16 years and eh, "I had a headache.")
Super comfortable (didn't feel a thing!)
Great during running
Not linked to TSS
Doesn't cause irritation

Takes a try or two to get the hang of inserting it
Can be messy when removing it but there are great tips at the website!

I definitely would recommend giving this a shot. I used one or two of these a day rather than several tampons like usual.

Have you ever tried this product? 


PS:  I received the Instead SoftCup for free to review. But these opinions are 100% mine that I thought I'd share with ya.

PSS: If you're a blogger and interested in checking out this product for review then check in with Tina at her blog For Love of The Run.


KiKiD said...

I'm a Diva Cup girl. Changed my life.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment KikiD - is that a similar thing?

Haven said...
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Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I got a sample of them and really liked it too! I think it was easier to get the hang of then my first attempt at tampons many moons ago. Maybe because I'm not afraid of that "area" anymore. I haven't run in it yet, but may have to shortly! I was thinking of introducing these to my 14 year old instead of tampons. Still am horrified to broach the subject. There's also a cup that is not disposable, therefore more economic and even friendlier to the environment. TMI (but it's ALL TMI!): My toilet is right next to the sink so clean up wouldn't be an issue for me.

Unknown said...

Haha, Linda - I found once I had a baby nothing really is TMI anymore!

I was surprised at how quickly I caught on to this thing (and maybe you're right about being more "comfortable" with things. ha) I was also surprised at how much I liked it because I was a little hesitant.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

lol. I used these years ago!! When I told people they were all grossed out. They were hard to find for awhile. Then I got pregnant and my kids broke me (my dr told me so!) so I have not gone back to trying these since the visitor is more than ever before.
And most people I know like the Diva Cup once they get one and try it.

Unknown said...

I LOVE my Diva Cup (essentially the same thing). I got it for long distance hiking (because packing out used period-related items is GROSS) but it's great for running as well.

KiKiD said...

Diva Cups last for years! Basically the same thing.

Sara said...

Are these disposable?

I was fortunate to receive the Diva Cup (very much the same) for review, and I will NEVER go back to pads or tampons.

Thanks for letting me know about another option!

Unknown said...


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