Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday hodge podge and Team Gab race recap

Last Sunday I posted about this virtual race:

There is still plenty of time to sign up and all proceeds go to raising money for kids with cancer. I signed up for the 10K - helping a fellow blogger? Taking on Cancer? Taking on Cancer that goes after kids? No brainer.

So I went off to run my very first official 10K. I've done 5K and halfs but never a 10K.

I had to do it on the treadmill because it's was still icy out and I don't "roll" like that.

Anyway.  It was a good run. Of-course at around 5.6 miles in, i went to activate my "power song" on my Nike + app and it instead "ended" my workout. I really ran more than a 10K because I didn't have time to figure out what was left and just an until I'd covered the minimum distance.  So my report miles were in two parts:
so- yeah. whatever the math on 5.88 and .67 is… = Jen's 10k
I was losing steam in the middle of the run but I kept thinking of that sweet face and it kept me going!
And in other news...
Tomorrow I'm doing another Virtual race too: The Boring Runner's, second annual: 
luckily it's gonna be unseasonably nice no freezing my, uh, Thorns off
Report on this one to follow. I'm thinking of trying to get a 10 miler in.

And finally, Jennifer at Moms Running It tagged me in her own 11 random things post so I figured I'd go ahead and answer her questions below… 

BTW, it you don't follow this woman - go check out her blog NOW - it's great and I can stare at her killer abs all day…

1. What are you afraid of?  Losing someone I love. Terrified. On a less deep level, horror movies always creep me out and then I can't sleep.
2. Where would you most like to visit? Greece 
3. What can you not live without running wise? I guess a good pair of sneakers…. but if those are a given, my iPod
4. What is a dream of yours that few people know about? Hmmm most of those cats are out of the bag.  People know that I dream of doing 70.3 ironman but I guess the big dream is doing Kona someday.
5. What is a guilty pleasure? Dirty martini's and reality television
6. What is something that irritates you? People texting / talking on the cell while driving
7. What makes you giggle? The Boring Runner's blog. (Two Shout outs in this blog about Adam - I better hit this guy up for a kick back.)
8. How did you meet your husband/boyfriend? I was a salesgirl at The Chess King in 1990 and his friend worked there - so he'd come in and hang around.
9. Do you have a bad habit? Just one? I'm a lazy housekeeper… 
10. Favorite food? Hmmm that's like picking a favorite child! But I really love Greek, Italian and Chinese… a rotation between those as my fav. will have to do. I just can't commit. 
11. What did you do before running? Before running today? I did a little work - in life, a lot of things but fitness wasn't much a priority, I daydreamed about becoming the active person I am today.  :)

Happy Friday!



The Boring Runner said...

Hmmmm, kickback huh? That gives me lots of fun fun ideas! :)

What is the chess king?

misszippy said...

The Chess King! I remember that store! Too funny.

You are the virtual race queen! Nice.

Unknown said...

Adam - Chess King (or Cheese King as I used to like to call it) was a men's clothing store at the mall that carried all the latest trends - (at the time, Guess jeans, Z-Cavaricci pants, skinny ties, etc…) It was cheesy tho. The modern day equivalent would've probably sold stuff for "The Situation" type.

Thanks Miss Zippy! :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Then your truly favorite food must be Greek, since you didn't mention Italy or China! Great job with your 10 mile run, BTW!!

Suz and Allan said...

Great job on the run! I'm a lazy housekeeper most of the time too.