Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I feel like a freakin rock star from Mars: who just ran 4 miles!


I'm as happy as Charlie Sheen at a porn convention.

I ran today and ran well. No apprehension, no pain - just a new iPod playlist of music, four miles and a comfortable ankle.  I ran a decent pace - got off the tread and it still felt good. AH!!  I'm back.

Or as Charlie would say: Winning.

(Sorry for the Charlie references, I'm a little obsessed… moving on…)

Despite the awesome run, I'm still holding a little back. Tempted as I am to run again tomorrow, I'm going to finish this week on an every other day schedule and then see where I am at.  I don't want to get lulled into doing too much and re-injuring and I've been reading quite a bit about that.  So, my plan is:

2 miles on Sunday - done

mon- rest

4 miles today - done

Wed. - rest

6 miles on Thursday

Fri - rest

10 miles on Saturday.

Sunday rest.

I think a 22 mile week should be adequate to show me where I am at. Not too much, not too little.

Then, I will consider how I feel on Sunday. If all is good then next week it's on like "Donkey Kong," as the kids say. And I'll figure out a plan to start getting my miles back up to where they should be. (I think my long run is supposed to be something nuts like 18 miles this week…)

And Lesley at Racing It Off has offered to help come up with a plan - Thanks Lesley-- I will accept that AWESOME offer and will be eternally grateful. xo

How are you guys doing?



Megan said...

LMAO @ your Charlie Sheen porn convention comment! I totally feel you. I'm so sucked in with the drama.

YAY! For comfortable, pain-free running! I need to follow your advice and take some every other day runs. That is what I do to myself. I am constantly re-injuring.


Unknown said...

You've got Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA J-Roe!

Unknown said...

haha - thanks Megan and Ang!

Molly said...

you're being really smart about your training! Charlie Sheen gets wackier every day, what a train wreck!

Jason said...

I am loving all the Chucky S references these days. That guy is not as crazy as he seems....IMO....but then again I might be just as crazy.

Congrats on getting your groove back on with running. Your body needed the break and now you are back and ready to kill SD.


Coy Martinez said...

Just found your blog! I'm just like you, started at 225 and now love racing.......and I'm injured too! Pool running with a half marathon in 20 some days! Its insane not being able to run how you want :)