Monday, January 10, 2011

Seven Random Facts about me...

A big thanks to Julie at The Hot Legs Runner who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger & Stylish Blogger award.

I'm to provide 7 Random facts about me so here goes nothing:

1.  I have an identical twin sister and we made baby commercials when we were kids: A pampers commercial and a Downy fabric softner commercial.  The "twiniest" thing that's happened to us, is we both wound up pregnant with our first children at the same time and gave birth 2 weeks to the day apart.

Jen & Cheryl twins and BFF's

Twin and I - double baby shower

2.  One of my other fav things to do is play poker. I'm pretty obsessed and have secret (or not so secret) dreams of playing at the World Series of Poker someday... (PS- I played in the Women's Event at the WSOP a few years ago, but didn't do so great.)

3.  I'm also passionate about creative writing and have written over 10 original screenplays. I've had moderate success with that and though I haven't had one of my originals produced yet, a short I co-wrote went to the Cannes Film Festival and I've been hired to write.

4.  I met my husband 20 years ago when I was 18 when I was a sales girl at Chess King.

5.  I spent more than 15 years working for Talk Show host, Montel Williams (I was his personal assistant, an associate producer and eventually VP of his development company...) since the time we parted ways, I have been in the process of co-launching a television / film company for the last 2 years called Media Meld Studios.

I wasn't just an employee - I once was a guest for a fitness challenge show
Jen - trainer Wini and Montel

6.  My favorite thing to do is to get dressed up and go dancing - which I don't get to do often enough, I'm a sucker for classic disco and old school 80's but will "bust a move" to anything...

twin, music producer Nile Rogers & me

7.  I am one of those crazy coupon people and save on average between $35 - $80 a week on my groceries.

So now I have to tag 15 bloggers I follow to do the same - the rules - link back to me, write your post and then tag 15 fellow bloggers...

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The Skårtist said...

gulp i've never been tagged before. the pressure. the pressure?!!!

Unknown said...

:D You can do it Sara! xo

Jason said...

Twin sister, TV show star, writer....and soon got a lot going for you sister.

Thanks for the nomination and since Julie tagged me does that mean 14 things? And those have to be 14 things you don't know about me....WOW!

Unknown said...

ha, Jason! Can't wait! The more the merrier!

Caroline said...

I am in the same boat as Jason...a double nominations! thank you Jen!
I must get to it!!!!
all right Jason it is on!!!!

Jason said...

Can I put that Caroline and I both have to do 14? That would be interesting to know wouldn't it?

Unknown said...

Uh. I struggled to come up with 7 so I say, do what you have to :)

Caroline said...

I am game!

Anonymous said...

I posted my 7 the other day. And you're going to say I'm lying, but I promise you, with 100% certainty, that I saw that episode on Montel Williams. ;-) You're a superstar Jen. Can't wait until your own company gets off the ground (do I see a future producer for Athlete's Plate?). Congratulations on what looks like a sky high list of accomplishments. And I love the photos with your sis!!! Super cute.

Emz said...

YAY me!

This totally rocks.

Montel Williams????? no way sooooooooo cool!

Unknown said...

We definitely will have to try to get an Athlete's Plate cooking show off the ground - I actually have a few fitness show ideas up my sleeve and brewing that we might have to just stack up with all of my fav. bloggers! ;)

Hmmmm - Lesley - if you really did catch that episode, that's crazy! :) My biz partner Angela (who comments here all the time) was coincidentally on that episode too!

Yep... Good ol' Montel. I learned a lot working for him. He was good to me all those years.

Anonymous said...

I was a talk show addict back in those days!

Kate said...

Hey thanks for tagging me Jen! Girl, you've done some seriously interesting stuff!

My list is almost complete!

Unknown said...

Cool! Can't wait to see it Kate!

Lesley - i was a talk show addict too and it's why I pursued a career in the industry! ;)

Jess said...

I was just talking about our Chess King days last week. John doesn't believe me that I worked there (for all, 3 months?).