Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Thanking the running Gods

As we gear up to gather with family and friends for another Thanksgiving holiday (my fav. holiday for the record) I, like many others, have taken some time to reflect on all of the things I'm truly thankful for. Topping the list are my husband, son, my twin sis and parents, the many friends in my life, the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, the food on my table. I am a lucky girl and my thanks for things could go on from now to next year.

In the interest of time and keeping a running theme going, I thought I'd do a top ten greatest things I'm grateful for in running.

Thank you running Gods for:

10. Having the good sense to make the Apple folks invent iPods & iTunes

9.  Running fuel like Gu and Sport Beans for long run days.

my park - I owned the place today!
8.Beautiful places to run, like the beach when I'm in Cali or the gorgeous and many, many miles of Saddle Brook Park in NJ just a few miles from home for me.

7.  The Internet, where in a wink of an eye, you can calculate routes, calories burned, gather information, browse blogs and order a new pair of running pants.

6.  Sneakers! Running in heels or flip flops would really suck.

5.  Fellow running bloggers like Jason, Lesley & Julie ----> make sure to check out my blog roll for others who rock. I find humor, advice, feedback and inspiration from my fellow writing runners.

4.  Thank you running Gods for making me thinner and healthier...

3.  ...for challenging me to be stronger and inspiring me to dig deeper.

2.  Race day excitement and runner's high.

1.  Thank you for finish lines where goals are reached, dreams achieved and new beginnings emerge.





Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

awwww I'm so touched! you know you're one of my BBFs (best bloggie friend) and you know I love my GU. LOL! =D

Great list, Jen! and thanks for linking up this post on my thanksgiving blog hop =)

Unknown said...

I feel the same about you Julie - and while I've got a smaller list of followers, I consider it to be a quality list of fine folks! =)

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike... I just finished touching up my running thanks list that I was going to post tomorrow (I pre-wrote it knowing I wouldn't have time tomorrow)... very thankful for my bloggie friends! Maybe we can convince more people to go to San Diego for the marathon, ya think???

Unknown said...

Yes!!! That would be very, very awesome to do a blogging group marathon - we could carb load the night before, swap stories... ahhh that would be amazing - and i'd be VERY THANKFUL for such a great thing!

Jason said...

#1 or is it #10 on your list.....depends on how you are reading it I guess literally just made me fist-pump the way Tiger used to before he got caught doing the wrong pu....oh never mind.

Anywho....TY for being you. TY for continuing to push yourself. TY for inspiring me. TY for making a statement that you can do things. You are a doer and soon to be marathoner.....isn't that a great title to hold?

Have a great turkey day....and for the record this is my favorite holiday as well b/c of all the F's (Food, Family, Friends, Football, Fun, Frappuchinno, Flan, Fitness, Fred the Turkey)

Unknown said...

I am seriously (heart-ing) Jason... You too - this is a great blog world of encouragement and support that we live in!

Unknown said...

As usual you've inspired again Jen! I think there's a pasta party and Rock 'n Roll T-Shirt swap the night before the San Diego run. Fun!

Unknown said...

That does sound like sooooo much fun! Yippee - I can't wait!

Sara said...

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jana said...

I love your Thankful list above! I am following from Julie's Hot Legs Bloggy Hop. Have a wonderful holiday and feel free to follow me at While you are there give me a kick in the but to get me moving. You inspire me. Jana

Unknown said...

thanks Sara and Jana! Jana - I will check out your blog :)

*~*~* Tracy said...

following from Hotlegs Runner.
You have a great blog!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

When is this San Diego marathon? That's here in CA =)

Unknown said...

Thanks Tracy! Appreciate you swinging by :) and Thanks Julie for the blog hop :)

Julie San Diego is June 5th!! Would love if you did it!